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I believe that fitness is too often focused on what you lose in the gym (pounds, inches, pants sizes) and not enough on what you gain (confidence, strength, courage, fulfillment, self-esteem, the list goes on and on). I specialize in strength training and love helping clients feel comfortable in the gym through perfecting form and instilling consistency in their fitness routines.  

My fitness journey really took off as a collegiate cheerleader at the University of Illinois (Go Illini!!) During this pivotal time in my life, the weight room was where I would go to think, work through stress, and build confidence. There was something extremely empowering about picking up some heavy sh*t and I never looked back.

In 2017, Conscious Fitness took me under their wing as their first intern. With this family, I was properly trained in everything from perfecting form in all types of clients to commanding the room of a massive group fitness class. After completing 200 hours of my “gym-ternship” I passed my National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Training certification in February 2018, becoming Neva Barra, NASM CPT!

My recent passion has been helping women through every stage of life- including pre and postnatal. I am ProNatal certified to help you train for the event of a lifetime, avoid aches & pains, and carve time out to focus on yourself.

Outside of my career as a personal trainer, I work full time in marketing technology, helping clients adopt software and use data to reach their business objectives.

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National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer (NASM CPT- Certified February 2019)

PROnatal Pre/Postnatal Performance Training Specialist (Certified February 2021)

NASM Golf Fitness Specialist (February 2023)

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Neva is a gift to the personal training and fitness world. As a former athlete, now battling a chronic back issue I've struggled over the years to find a trainer to push me in the way I need, but understand my injury. Neva is skilled with modifications and crafting the workout to bring out the best in someone. She has the ability to motivate through positivity which makes you want to be your absolute best. Finally, you see results, which is what we are all here for right? My body is stronger, leaner and healthier because of Neva. I could not recommend her enough, she is truly so special and gifted at what she does!

Dana K.

Neva is, without a doubt, one of the best coaches I’ve worked with! She brings great motivation to all her clients, regardless of where they are in their physical fitness. Neva stresses the importance of not comparing yourself to others, which I appreciate from a coach, and focuses on finding what works best for YOU. I learned a ton about technique and great form, all while progressively getting stronger. Can’t go wrong with a coach that cares about you and what your goals are!

Faith C.

Neva is everything you want from a trainer - fun, passionate, and knowledgeable. Prior to working with her, I had been incorporating weight training with dumbbells, but had always been intimidated by using the squat rack and doing heavy lifting. Neva pushed me to continue to increase my weights without ever sacrificing form. As a result, I saw the most improvement I had ever achieved in my body composition and I have so much more confidence lifting in the gym now.

Carolyn W.

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