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Energy is contagious.

Is there anything better than the vibes coming from a community driven group fitness class? When community is put before egos, something magical happens. We all feast off of each other's motivation and come out of the workout ready to take on the world!

Group Fitness Classes: Services


Virtual or live small group training is a great way to bond with family and friends! Can be scheduled regularly or as a one time event via Zoom or locally in Chicago.

BarraBuilt specializes in strength training and HIIT classes that can be customized to all fitness levels, interests, with or without equipment.


If you are interested in doing a live class (in gym or outside), let's discuss! I am happy to work with you and local COVID guidelines to provide a safe and fun environment for all.

All pop up classes, whether on Zoom or in a local Chicago park, will be listed on social channels. Private Zoom classes can be scheduled by contacting me directly!


Pricing will vary by class type, but typically start at $15/per person. If you are interested in setting up a private group fitness class for friends or family, let's connect and come up with a plan that works for you!

Group Fitness Classes: Features
Group Fitness Classes: Pro Gallery
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