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Build a solid foundation.

1:1 coaching gives you the attention, knowledge, and skills you need to reach your goals. All sessions can be done via Zoom or in person locally in Chicago.

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Whatever your goals are, personal training is the BEST way to achieve them. All one-on-one training sessions have a BIG emphasis on form and movement patterns, making sure you have the skills and knowledge to perform each exercise properly.

We will kick off with a consultation to discuss goals, interests, daily activities, injures, likes/dislikes, and more to create a custom training schedule built for success.  


BarraBuilt personal training sessions are done at Sport Fitness Chicago (2223 N Clybourn Ave) or Southport Fitness (3413 N Southport Ave 2nd Floor.)

If you are unable to make it to these locations, let's discuss other options (home, Zoom, other gym locations.)


Pricing varies by location, duration, and number of sessions. In person starts at $75/45 minutes.

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